Increases Yield Potential

Using Cane King Billet Charger provides the plant with early growth development and future yield potential.

Providing the nutrient to the plant at this time and by this method gives increased early vigour and root development which stimulates the growth crop cycle to greater yield, quality and value.

Improves Crop Quality + Value

Using Cane King Billet Charger ensures that the nutritional requirements of the plant are better satisfied across a complete spectrum of up to 13 nutrient elements. This results in the improved crop quality. Manifestly it also ensures that the nutrient value (sugar) of the yield is more likely higher, in line with the higher nutrient values of the plant. Higher quality produce results in the potential for higher sales value. Cane King Billet Charger is the perfect start for sugarcane.

Protection for Delicate Transplant Period

Cane King Billet Charger’s complete nutritional feeding improves growth and establishment of healthy young plants. It offers a perfect replacement for any alternate fertiliser feeding during the delicate period of sugarcane establishment.


Tissue air spaces are replaced with essential nutrients which increases the power to generate better root and shoot development.
Transformation from bud to the new growth takes place much faster when the nutrient demands of growing tissue are satisfied.
Stronger and healthier new growth forms because nutrient balance is achieved before roots become functional.
Reduced dependence on soil nutrients during early stages of establishment and growth.
Increases success rate by rapid growth and therefore reducing disease pressure.