Nutrient Delivery System

The key to overcoming the nutrient deficiency problems associated with soil variability is in the advanced Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) that this formulation employs. This technology enables the safe transfer of nutrients through the leaf and into the plant cell walls. Cane King Foliar reliably brings stability and integrity to the plant without any risk of element antagonism. This is a perfect solution for sugarcane growers.

Specially Formulated for Sugarcane

Cane King Foliar ensures that soil nutrient variability and deficiency is fixed giving greater plant nutrition, increased growth and improved crop yield.

A Healthy Return for the Future

Building organic matter in cropping soils is through the enrichment of the crop waste and root mass. Cane King Foliar delivers a root mass and necrotic plant matter that has greater size and volume. This means that it returns more matter to the soil. This is good news for the future because at harvest time the plant returns all its nutrient in the root mass to the soil. Cane King Foliar helps achieve all of this. Larger volume plants, larger root structure and mass, higher nutrient values and a healthy return for the future.


Safely transfers nutrients via the nutrient delivery system (NDS) that transfers its nutrient load of 12 optimally balanced nutrients directly through the leaf.
Increases yield as independent trials in Australia have consistently demonstrated.
Reduces granular NPK costs when used as part of an integrated fertiliser program.
Is based on plant nutrient removal science.
Solves soil variability problems as it bypasses the micro-nutrient requirements from the soil, instead delivering them through the leaf.
Improves NPK uptake through increased agronomic uptake of NPK fertilisers by improving NPK mobility, resulting in greater fertiliser effectiveness and less toxicity.
Handles environmental conditions better because it gives the plant more energy to deal with environmental stresses associated with inadequate rainfall, changing weather patterns, variations in soil, pests and other external conditions.
Delivers higher yields and better quality and value with consistent crop results.
Buffers the effects of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides as it provides a substantial boost of nutrition as needed to buffer against the toxic effects of chemicals.
Invests greater strength to the plant enabling it to resist infection and disease.